Heart Opening Cacao

What is Cacao?

Cacao is a superfood packed with minerals to enhance your physical health and neurochemicals that promote feelings of well-being. Cacao boosts circulation, helps the body absorb nutrients, enhances mood, improves focus, and the bitterness of the brew is said to cleanse the liver and help release negative emotions.

Cacao has long been referred to as “Food of the Gods” and has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by indigenous tribes of Central America. Cacao opens the heart; cultivating feelings of love, empathy, gratitude, and joy.

How is Cacao Different Than Cocoa?

While cacao and cocoa originate from the same plant, they are very different. Cocoa is made from roasted and ground cacao seeds and is typically heavily processed and may contain additives like sugar or milk.

Cacao is typically made by cold pressing non-roasted cacao seeds. Cacao has no added sugar and is far more bitter than the chocolate most know today. Because Cacao is less processed and more pure than cocoa and other chocolate products, it contains far more nutritional and emotional benefits.

Heart Opening Cacao | HeartFirst Education

What are the Benefits of Cacao?

Cacao is incredibly beneficial for our bodies, hearts, and minds. Cacao is the highest natural source of chromium, and is packed with many other important minerals including:

Cacao is a mild stimulant which contains caffeine, mateine, and theobromine. Cacao contains far more theobromine than caffeine. Theobromine is 75% less stimulating that caffeine and has a much longer half life, meaning its effects stay with you longer. Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant (caffeine is a nervous system stimulant) which relaxes blood vessels and enhances blood circulation. Cacao increase blood flow by up to 30% which helps increase absorption of nutrients and increases overall life force energy in the body.

Cacao is also a great source of 5 important neurotransmitters:

  • Serotonin: improves well-being and happiness and increases resilience to stress.
  • Dopamine: provides feelings of pleasure and motivation.
  • Norephedrine: provides necessary energy in stressful situation by mobilizing the brain and body for action ,
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA): improves alertness and attention.
  • Anandamide : known as the “bliss molecule”, it binds with the same receptors as THC, and brings feelings of pleasure and joy. It is also involved in motivation, memory, and appetite.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are rituals where cacao is consumed in a sacred way, typically with the intention of opening the heart chakra and creating feelings of love, empathy, and appreciation. Every ceremony is unique, but many ceremonies include prayer, meditation, yoga, movement, dance, burning of sage or incense, eye gazing, music, and sound healing.

Cacao ceremonies are said to provide inner healing and transformation, an opportunity to release emotional blocks, connect intimately with others, and enhance intuition and mood. Cacao ceremonies can be an opportunity to gain clarity, set intentions, and journey within to clear the old and make way for the new.

Where Can I Buy Cacao?

While there are many retailers who sell cacao, not all cacao is created equally. The cacao powders typically sold in grocery stores may be suitable for nutritional benefits, but those seeking energetic or emotional benefits should consider purchasing ceremonial grade cacao.

Ceremonial grade cacao is created with energetic respect for cacao as a plant teacher. The cacao is handled with love, reverence, and sacred intention.

HeartFirst Education recommends Firefly Cacao, whose ceremonial grade cacao is sourced only from small, organic farms. Click the link below to receive 5% off your order.

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