It’s Okay to Feel: Emotional Intelligence for Kids

In this 5-week course students will learn how to recognize, process, and cope with difficult emotions and practice engaged empathy with their peers. We will explore emotion through art, play, movement, meditation, and more.

Weekly Syllabus

Emotional Recognition

  • Learning to recognize and label a variety of emotions when they arise
  • Building feelings vocabulary
  • Difference between mood, feeling, and emotion

Emotional Processing

  • How we process emotions in the mind and body.
  • Emotions as teachers and motivators for behavior
  • Function of emotions in the brain

Coping with Difficult Emotions

  • Process and Express rather than Repress
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Understanding connection between thoughts and emotions, shifting negative thinking


  • How Would You Feel?- An Empathy Game
  •  Walk a Day in My Shoes Art Project

Practicing Engaged Empathy

Sharing circle.

Practice mindful listening and relating

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