Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Cognitive Restructuring for Teens
For Teens Ages 14-18

Cognitive restructuring is a fancy, clinical term for changing the way you think. While we sometimes don’t have the power to change our circumstances, we do have the power to change our mindset. Cognitive restructuring offers many potential benefits including:

*Improved stress management and resiliency
*Decreased rumination
*Increased optimism and positivity
*Healthier relationships and communication patterns
*Increased self awareness
*Enhanced emotional well-being

In this one-time course, we will learn cognitive restructuring techniques to help recognize and reframe negative thoughts when they occur. Students will be introduced to 10 common cognitive distortions (thinking errors) and be given real life examples of each. We will examine the connection between our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors so we can better understand how our thoughts can affect our physical, social, and emotional well-being. Reframing techniques will be presented and practiced in class.

This course will be conducted primarily through lecture and group discussion. Students will be given opportunities for journaling and self-reflection and may share their insights and ideas with other class participants if they wish. PDF documents will be provided so students can review and practice what they learned well beyond our class time together.

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