I Can Calm: Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Kids
Live Online Course For Kids Ages 6-8

Students will learn and practice more than 10 breathing and relaxation techniques to help them self-regulate. Teacher will also instruct on how to make your own calm down kit and calming corner to help make self-regulation a part of your child’s daily routine at home.

Please note this is a one-time course, so students may need parents help to practice these newly acquired skills and integrate them into their daily lives. Parents will be given a PDF document with detailed instructions on each technique as well a document on creating the calm down corner and kit.

Students interested in continuing their learning may enroll in instructor’s Worry Warriors: Anxiety Management for Kids or Yoga for Emotional Intelligence class.

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Replace time outs with time ins! Calm down corners promote emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and healthy coping skills.