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“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies”


There are times on this journey of life when we start to feel that our old forms, beliefs, and identity structure are no longer valid.

It often comes down to a profound, cellular knowing that our lives were meant for something more, even if we aren’t exactly certain what that something is just yet.

Too often in life we feel the soul calling us to something greater, but don’t answer the call due to fear of the unknown. Transformation can be a scary process because it requires that you step out of your comfort zone and let go of the world as you know it.

To transform you must go beyond that which is already in existence to create something new and never yet formed. You cannot transform without surrendering the old to make way for the new, which by its nature is unknown.

The coaching process is akin to the cocoon, providing you a safe space to shed the old and create the new.

Transformational Life Coaching is For You If:

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Life Coaching is a Journey Through Which You Can:

Like the symbolic path of the labyrinth, coaching is a journey to your own center and back out into the world as your highest self.

What is Life Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (ICF Code of Ethics, 2008).

Life coaching is a distinct process that differs from counseling, therapy, consulting, and mentoring. Coaching is the process of supporting another individual in achieving a goal or desired outcome. It is an exploration of where the client is, where he wants to go, and how he might get there.

A life coach does not give the client advice or tell him what to do. Rather than give a client a road map, the coach helps the client to create her own. A good coach will ask you powerful questions so that you can find your own answers.

The HeartFirst Approach to Life Coaching:

HeartFirst Approach to Life Coaching

"Follow your heart wherever it may lead you"

The HeartFirst Approach to Life Coaching begins in the heart.

Our coaching programs will support you in connecting to your heart’s deepest desires and consciously creating a life that is aligned with your soul’s highest vision and purpose. HeartFirst coaching is anchored in our core values of love, compassion, heartfulness, intuition, and inspiration. 

HeartFirst Education currently offers life coaching services through our founder Brittany Tackett, MA, RYT-200.  

Brittany’s approach to life coaching is a transpersonal one. The transpersonal coaching approach operates under the assumptions that:

  • We all create our lives either consciously or unconsciously.
  • A divine presence exists in everyone.
  • Every person has a unique purpose and a unique way of learning.
  • What a person focuses on expands and grows.
  • At a certain level all people are whole, perfect, and complete,
  • All of a person’s answers lie within him.

Transpersonal coaching is designed for clients who are ready to go beyond the productivity of life to facilitate deeper exploration for the meaning of their lives as well as a deeper connection with their innermost guidance (Higher Self) to contemplate questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”.

Brittany offer many mediums for her clients to explore during sessions. These include creative expression, imagination, guided visualization, movement, meditation, metaphor, myth, and creative dream analysis.

Brittany’s mission as a transformational life coach:

My mission as a coach is that my clients discover a greater sense of purpose, clarity of vision, increased self-awareness, inner peace, acceptance, joy, freedom, and empowerment. In connecting with the transpersonal heart, my clients will have the opportunity to transform the mundane and live an enchanted life.


Are you ready to transform your life?

If you’re ready and willing to make the commitment to step outside of your comfort zone and create true, lasting change, then I would love to work with you!
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